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Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Travertine is a versatile rock which formed due to chemical reactions and post-precipitation from various causes and environments. Geological events that have caused the thermal source of Pamukkale (Cotton Palace) affected the large area around it. In this region, there are 17 hot water areas with temperatures ranging from 35-100 degrees Celsius. The thermal source has been used since ancient times. Check-out Eyewitness Turkey Travel agency for  Pamukkale Tours , it offers you magnificientTurkey Tours as well.


After the thermal water is discharged from the source, it comes to a travertine with a channel of 320 m length and from there it is poured into the travertine floors where the partial sediment of 60-70 m. way.

There are many water sources and large and small pools on the travertines and you are free to enter them all. However, it is now too late for the travertines to return their bright and white days because, they started blackening by allowing constructions around the them. Fortunately, it is now forbidden to enter the areas with shoes so that, we can preserve the beautiful cotton like structure there. Hotels and roads are also removed around it, even if this is a late decision.

Pamukkale Travertines are located in the province of Denizli and the transportation distance to Pamukkaleis only 18 kilometers away from city center of Denizli.

Those who will come to Denizli by bus can get to the travertines after a short journey by getting into minibuses which “Pamukkale” written on. You can get to minibuses without ever leaving the bus terminal. Apart from that, if you have a few friends, you all can go to the travertines by taxi from any place in the city center and it will not be very burdensome

If you want to spend some time in “Cotton Palace” and see unique examples of this white color, Pamukkale is the place which looks like a little fairy tale that is much more impressive than the pictures in the photographs.

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