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employment law aviation and dispute resolution lawyers

You can reach the expert staff of Kartal Law Firm. You can direct your question with the contact details of OK Kartal Law Firm website. The rights of airline employees are tried to be protected in accordance with the provisions set out in the contract and determined by the contracting parties.

 What is the Air Labor Law?

 Turkey Civil Aviation Labor Union by which a bill drafted and presented to the Chairman of the Parliament OK dispute resolution lawyers, is a study for the rights of airline employees. With the help of OK Employment Law Aviation, the union will work to protect the rights of all airline employees through the work that started in the last months of 2017.

 The main objective of the labor law aviation law proposal is to provide a solution to the issues that have been bleeding for years by airline employees. Issues such as job security and severance pay are at the forefront of the draft law. The most basic rights of airline workers will be tried to be solved through dispute resolution lawyers.

 Turkey in this bill led by the Union of Civil Aviation, Aviation Law Employment decreases in all other business lawyers. In addition, all other airline employees except THY were taken into consideration in this proposal. Within the sector, the biggest problem is experienced by the employees outside THY.

 Aviation Law for Airline Employees

 Our office, which provides services in the field of aviation law, provides legal services in all areas within the aviation sector. First of all, the legal services of airline companies, airline employees and other workers and employers in the airline sector are provided through our law office.

 Our legal office also provides legal advice to all associations, headquarters, associations and councils in the aviation sector. Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Turkey Private Aviation Enterprises Association, Airlines Cargo Council and Turkey Travel Agencies Association is mainly represented in all the institutions and organizations with legal issues and our consulting services.

 Services Offered in Air Labor Law

 Many of our services are provided to you by our law firm within the legal grounds for all airline employees in the field of air labor law. Employment Law Aviation offers the following services:

 * Preparation of termination information in the process of termination of employment contracts for good reasons,

 * Legal information on the basis of legal regulations,

 * In case of unfair termination, a lawsuit for compensation on the basis of Article 438 of the TBK,

 * In the process of compensation lawsuit filed, the whole proceedings will be followed and the result will be resolved,

 * Reviewing whether there are clauses regarding the application of the Labor Law in collective labor agreements with airline companies,

 * If there is a Labor Law, lawsuits for the receivables of workers due to this Law,

 * Follow-up of these lawsuits filed and finalizing them,

 * The case of the cancellation of contracts with a unilateral penal clause,

 * The process of resolving these cancellation cases.

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